What we stand for

People. What makes them different? Their character, their values, their actions; what they stand for and how they embody that in their personality. Batman (the famous caped crusader and renowned philosopher) said, “It’s not who you are underneath; it’s what you do that defines you.”

Companies aren’t that different. As a business you have to decide what you stand for, what you believe in and how you will interact with and treat the world around you.

At the first ever official Re:Fuel meeting, one of our first tasks was to decide on our values: what we stand for, the personality of Re:Fuel and how we should conduct ourselves. These values would then go on to make Re:Fuel what it is today, and form the concrete base for what it will be 10 years from now.

We think that it’s important (especially if you read #3 below!) that we are transparent about our values, that we will always endeavour to fulfil…

Our values: 

  • Across the board, brand quality is #1
  • To always maintain a chilled, relaxed atmosphere 
  • Transparency, clarity and honesty 
  • Community-driven: it’s you that makes Re:Fuel what it is
  • Always be friendly and approachable
  • Open to all. If you’re a petrol-head, you’re welcome
  • Non-elitist. Anything with wheels goes
  • Stay interesting, intriguing and engaging
  • Always be a home for sensible, genuine enthusiasts
  • Always be family-friendly (including your canine friends!)

That’s Re:Fuel. 10 bullet points. We hope that you feel we live up to them.

Stop here if you like! If you can’t help yourself though, we’ve expanded on some of these values below…. 

Open to all

It doesn’t matter what you drive, if it’s a Pagani Huayra or a Perodua Kelisa, you will always be welcome at Re:Fuel as long as you stick to the House Rules. It’s as simple as that!

Always be friendly and approachable 

The whole Re:Fuel team strives to create an open and friendly atmosphere for our visitors. At the end of the day we’re all petrol-heads, and we all share similar interests, so making sure everyone is enjoying themselves will always be at the forefront of our minds.

For sensible, genuine enthusiasts

As car enthusiasts, I’m sure we can all recall a time where we were targeted for enjoying our passion. Do you know why? Because there are sooo many videos of double-digit IQ, knuckle-dragging plebs pulling out of events / junctions sideways thinking they’re Ken Block, endangering the lives of by-standers and other road users. Here at Re:Fuel, we hold a zero-tolerance policy on such behaviours. We have to take this stance because we don’t want our true Re:Fuelers to suffer as a result of the minorities that partake in these activities on public roads and, as a result, fuel a negative car enthusiast stereotype. 

Community Driven

Finally, as highlighted in our ‘Plans For 2020’ blog post, everything we do at Re:Fuel is centred around our community. We listen to your feedback and act on it where appropriate. We also mentioned in our 2020 blog post that we’ll be launching the Re:Fuel Community Board to help us improve our Open Days for all. So, we would like to announce that we’re now accepting applications for the 6 seats that will make up our 2020 board. If you’d like to help us make Re:Fuel even better and work directly with the Management Team, we encourage you to apply by clicking here

Does your organisation also share similar values as us, and you think you might like to work with us or get involved with Re:Fuel? If so, get in touch by clicking here!