Community Focus Group

Since the launch of Re:Fuel, the community has been great at feeding back to us, and we’ve used both positive and negative feedback to change various things and hopefully make it bigger and better for everyone to enjoy.

To help us continue this in 2020, and to grow and further improve Re:Fuel for you all, we would like to create a Community Focus Group. It will likely be a committee of 5 members who will sit in on a quarterly meeting with the Re:Fuel management team to:

  • Feed back the valuable positive and negative thoughts and experiences from the community
  • Help us generate and shape ideas, and provide community-led input into our discussions
  • Generally be the voice of, and representatives of, the Re:Fuel community
  • Be included in a WhatsApp group for ad-hoc feedback on ideas

If you wish to be considered for the group, all we ask is that you fill in the form below to be included in the selection process. Thanks so much in advance!


Thanks so much to everyone who applied. We have been blown away by the number of people who want to sit in the focus group to help us build Re:Fuel. We’ll be reviewing applications during March and coming back to you as soon as possible.