Hang on, what? Is a Symposium a good thing, and would I want to have one? Sounds like some sort of complicated medical procedure?

Symposium [noun] : an occasion at which people who have great knowledge of a particular subject meet in order to discuss a matter of interest

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your attention that our next open day is almost upon us – Sunday 29th September, where we will be opening the gates again at the beautiful Froginwell Vineyard. We listened to your feedback from our launch day and have a new variety of food and drinks available – but the biggest addition of all is….. drum-roll please…..

…the Re:Fuel Symposium. On each Open Day, there will be automotive related talks on interesting and/or useful subjects, presented in the Re:Fuel marquee (so everyone can be warm and dry in the winter!). You don’t have to do anything other than turn up and listen to the talk – but feel free to ask a question if you want to.

Below you can see the Re:Fuel schedule for this coming Sunday, showing which talks you can see, and at what time. Highlights for our first ever Symposium are a detailing demo from Knight Detailing, and a talk on the “do’s and don’ts” of investing in cars by Lucky’s Supercars.

The weather forecast for this Sunday is still changing daily, but suggests that we may have a few showers. Don’t worry though, we’ll be making sure there’s covered, dry space for our visitors to meet, catch up, enjoy the interesting talks and also our lovely new selection of food and drinks.

We’re still working really hard to purchase a permanent home for Re:Fuel so that we can be open both Saturday and Sunday, every weekend. So, please help us show that, whatever the weather, nothing can put a dampener on our petrolhead spirits, and we hope to see you all this Sunday! Click here if you don’t know how to find us.

If you have something interesting or useful (no “selling” allowed) that you’d like to talk about at the Re:Fuel Symposium then why not drop it over to us either using our contact form or to info@re-fuel.co.uk