The BCW Iron Man

Last year we announced that Bowel Cancer West (BCW) was to be our official annual charity. Well the restrictions have meant that we haven’t been able to do much to raise money for them yet, but more on that in another blog post soon.

This blog post is all about BCW’s very own John Best, who has set his sights on the world’s longest single-day triathlon. Swim 5 kilometres. Cycle 200 kilometres. Then run 50 kilometres. And do it all in less than 18 hours. It’s called The 255 and ,whilst John’s used to pushing himself to the limit, he knows this is his toughest challenge yet. We thought we’d share his inspirational story with you all.

John, age 47 and an accountant, admits he was a “terrible” swimmer when younger and didn’t own a bike. But he’s now in Team GB for triathlon and is heading to Austria in the European Championships in June. But it’s The 255 Triathlon, being held at Goodwood in August, that will push him to the limit of his endurance.

“I am strangely drawn to tough events as I love to see how much I can take. At the time you scream inside but that adrenaline kicks in and making yourself keep going to the end is strangely so rewarding.

“The head after all does rule over the body.  You don’t know what you can do until you reach those limits,” said John, who will be cheered on by his wife, Angela, and three daughters.

John and his wife Angela set up Best Accountancy in 2003, and it manages the books for Bowel Cancer West. And he wants to raise funds for BCW from The 255: “I have lost a former boss and an uncle to bowel cancer, and I almost lost a really good friend to the disease too. 

“I have come to realise how important what we feed ourselves is as we take for granted what our bodies do for us and raising awareness to how to look after yourself is so important,” he said. 

“It has been sad to see the charity I have supported for a number of years have so much of its hard work undone by the Covid pandemic.  I have decided to try to help in my own way.”

We can’t wait to hear how John gets on. To support him and find out more about The 255 Triathlon click the link below…