2021: The Road Ahead

Well 2020 was an interesting year wasn’t it (see our 2020 blog post here). But this post isn’t about looking back. The last few weeks have been all about cementing our plans for 2021. Despite the inevitable slow start in the coming months with COVID still lingering like a bad smell, it’s going to be a much brighter year and we’re honoured that you’re all here to continue the Re:Fuel journey with us. There are some really important updates below that we promise you won’t want to miss – so spare a couple of minutes minutes to read on….

A nice little update to kick off with. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed in the image at the top of this post that Re:Fuel is now trademarked. This was a fair amount of work, and didn’t come without its complications, but means that we’ve protected what we’ve all (including you!) created, which will be important for the upcoming investment round to build the permanent venue. This is the year to make sure you’re on our investment mailing list, if you’re not already. If you’re interested in owning part of Re:Fuel, click here: register your interest now.

We’ll be continuing talks with East Devon District Council on our new site where we plan to develop our dedicated Re:Fuel venue. The build will be a long one, and we don’t expect to be opening the new venue until 2022 – so in the meantime, we have a few options for our location this year, including remaining at Mansell Raceway. We’re therefore yet to announce where Re:Fuel will emerge after this current national lockdown – sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Facebook to be kept updated!

Whether your car club has recently launched or been around for decades, we’re going to be introducing some ways in 2021 that we can support you, help you grow, help you finance marketing, support club exposure efforts and more. We’ll be starting this with something we know all clubs could do with more of – funding. Is there something your club would like to do (anything!) that you think we can help you to pay for? If the answer is yes, sign up to our mailing list now, as we’ll soon be announcing how we’re going to help!

The government recently announced a scheme that would support businesses looking to create new job roles to aid their growth. We’re very excited to announce that Re:Fuel has been awarded funding to create some new, key roles to help us grow and make Re:Fuel bigger and better for you. We will, therefore, have some new starters in the Re:Fuel team in the coming months. We’ll announce them in our “The People” blog posts as they start, and we know you’ll all make them feel super welcome if/when you see them as Re:Fuel events this year.

Our Community Focus Group will be getting more actively involved in Re:Fuel. The group formed last year to help us shape the future of Re:Fuel, but meetings and input from the team was more limited than we’d hoped due to, you might have noticed, some sort of global pandemic.

We’ll also be embarking on some fun projects and events to raise money for Bowel Cancer West, chosen as our charity for 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on that soon too.

That’s all with the teasers! We best get cracking with making it all happen for you – hopefully see you all very soon!