The People: Mollie

What is your role at Re:Fuel?

I’m Re:Fuel’s Finance Assistant & PA! Essentially, I help with whatever is needed from Dan, Josh or any of the team. Whether it’s taking notes for important meetings or hand modelling for Moonshine posts, I am there with a helping hand. I also work on the financial side of Re:Fuel, helping with budgets and ensuring the progress on Re:Fuel.

How did you get involved with Re:Fuel?

I got involved with Re:Fuel through a Kickstart scheme my work coach suggested to me. Finance was always something I was interested in but I never had the resources to go ahead with it. I had never heard of Re:Fuel (i know, terrible!) but after the interview with Dan, Josh and Jasmine, I instantly knew this was the place for me. 

What’s your favourite thing about Re:Fuel?

My favourite thing would have to be the company’s values. Being sustainable has always been a huge thing for me and hearing about the steps they are taking is amazing. Another thing would have to be support. If there’s anything I ever need help with, someone is there with a hand or advice. It truly is an amazing team. 

What were you doing before Re:Fuel?

Before Re:Fuel, I was a Barista! I loved the job and it taught me so much about customer service plus, it did build my confidence massively but I knew it was something I couldn’t see myself doing forever. But from that job, I’ve learnt so many skills that I can now use for Re:Fuel. 

Tell us about your home life!

I live in Cullompton with my family. It’s nice to be involved in such a tight-knit community. I have lived here for all of my life, going to Primary and Secondary school here. I went to Exeter for college.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I enjoy being out with the girls having a few cocktails! Who doesn’t enjoy a good bevvy every now and again? :)I do also enjoy a little retail therapy, fashion has always been a huge hobby of mine (I have taken the title of “Office Gok Wan”).

What car do you drive?

Sadly, I do not drive. If I was driving, my dream car would be Honda S2000. After watching Tokyo Drift and seeing the pink beauty, I fell in love with it. 

What’s your favourite drive?

I have been a passenger on many beautiful drives, but I would say Exmouth beachfront during the summer as I have always enjoyed the beach and the ocean. 

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

I’ve always wanted to go travelling. I have, shockingly, never been out of England. Right now, I think I would like to go to Greece. The white buildings and ancient history are really interesting to me.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I’m really struggling here as I am pretty open with my life. I am really into tattoos and have 5 of my own, with no plan of stopping soon!

Why Exeter?

I have grown up in and around Exeter and have loved it every time. Exeter is filled with amazing people and great scenery/experiences; the perfect place to experience city life without feeling like it is too overcrowded.
What are you working on right now? I am currently working on building up my skills in the finance department. Hopefully, with Dan’s help, I should be on the way to doing an accountancy course which is super exciting!