Ollie and his Mk2 Focus RS

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Whether it’s the Mk1, 2 or 3, the Focus RS has always managed to establish itself as one of the best hot hatches on the market. Described as making the Mk5 Golf GTI “seem positively pedestrian” in 2009 by Car Magazine, the Mk2 Focus RS was and still is one of the most aggressively styled hot hatches to hit the showroom floor. With its flared arches, bonnet vents and that iconic spoiler the Mk2 possesses its own unmistakeable road presence.

On today’s Re:Fuelers Rides we are featuring Ollie and his Mk2 Focus RS who shows us how you can add your own individual flair to an already brilliant car!

I still remember, back at the age of 14, sitting with my parents watching Top Gear on a Sunday evening. Jeremy Clarkson was giving a review on the Ultimate Green Focus RS as he trashed it around Dunsfold Aerodrome. That was the moment I knew I wanted one.

2019 was the year I finally decided to go for it and purchase the car I saw on that day 9 years earlier and so I began my search. Colour wasn’t important to me, as I loved all three colours that Ford offered in the Mk2, however I did need the black shell seats! Luckily, a friend of mine had a lovely Performance Blue RS for sale. He had taken great care of it, it had low mileage and was the perfect spec. Shortly after him listing it for sale, I made the long drive up to Grimsby, and it was mine.

The car radiates drama, that’s part of the reason I fell in love with it. Along with the whistle and chatter of the turbo and the pops and bangs from the exhaust. The power from the car is something I had not felt before I got myself into those dynamica seats and out onto the open roads. The way the steering wheel tries it’s hardest to send you in all kinds of directions as a result of the torque steer under hand acceleration.

*How the Focus RS looked the day that I bought it*

With everything that has been going on in 2020, unfortunately this summer has been quiet but I did manage to organise a drive out to some lovely roads in Wales complete with some cracking photo opportunities. Plenty of car shows have been attended and I can’t wait for the next full season where I can get out to more shows and hopefully a few longer drives to different places such as the North Coast 500 and potentially the Nurburgring.

I’ve done a few simple changes to the car, like changing the small details from blue to a bright green. I also made sure to get rid of the mud flaps! The modifications haven’t stopped there as I have sat it on a set of Bola B15 alloys and BC Racing coilovers, fitted a KMS Thunderstorm exhaust, induction kit, intercooler and tied it all together with a remap resulting in 377 bhp and 420lbft of torque so it’s no slouch! In the near future I have a few more engine modifications to be fitted such as an oil cooler and catch-can, then after that it’ll be back to the tuners to ideally smash the 400 mark.

For anyone who is looking into buying a Focus, I’d recommend to just do some research beforehand. Mileage and the number of owners isn’t everything despite what people think, If it’s got good service history and a folder full of receipts you can’t really go wrong. This is by far the most enjoyable car I’ve owned so if you want a car that’s a thrill to drive and always turns heads, then the Focus RS should definitely be on your list.

Car Facts:

Make: Ford

Model: Focus RS

Year: 2009

Engine: 2.5 5 cyl Turbo

BHP: 377Bhp

Top Speed: 165mph

0-62mph Time: 5 seconds

Weight: 1464Kg

Additional Mods: KMS Thunderstorm exhaust, Bola B15 alloys, BC Racing coilovers, Airtec Intercooler, Sabre tuning map, AS Plenum, Induction kit, K1 Detailing paint correction and ceramic coat.