Announcing the Re:Fuel Club Grant

I’m sure everyone knows by now that here at Re:Fuel we’re always keen to support the local automotive scene in any way we can – we have some cool “Re:Fuel @” events coming up where we’ll be holding mini meets at local businesses to help get them back up to full speed as the lockdown restrictions lift.

But what about the car clubs? We get a whole host of car clubs turn up regularly to our Re:Fuel “cars and coffee” days – and members of clubs all over the UK have sat patiently, itching to get back to shows, events, meets and just, well, do what we all love! Well, we thought we’d find a way to help car clubs – both new and existing – to hit the show scene in style and get back in the game.

This new idea to support clubs sadly coincided with the passing of a much-loved Re:Fuel regular, Sam Webber. Sam absolutely lived for cars and anything to do with them. The car scene was his life, and we always loved seeing him turn up at the gates of Re:Fuel. So, it gives us great pleasure to introduce….

Re:Fuel Club Grants
in memory of Sam Webber

The scheme is part-funded by Re:Fuel, and part-funded by Sam’s family. We all know how much car clubs mean to enthusiasts and petrolheads, so the grant scheme is designed to help clubs fund projects and opportunities that help them grow, help them have a presence at shows and events, and (most importantly) help them bring people together. We’ve all been shown in the last year how important a sense of community is, and how much we miss it when it’s taken away from us – so we hope we can help some exciting and passionate clubs to restore their community feel with a bang!

The grant does not ever need to be repaid – it’s yours to make your club bigger and better. It could be used to help fund a stand at a big UK show, it could be used to buy marketing materials like feather flags or a shelter, to throw a community event, for online ads to help grow your club, and much more. The amount of money that you’re requesting cannot be more than 80% of the total project costs, and the grant requested cannot be more than £250. For example you could ask for £250 towards a £350 project, and for a £200 project you would not be able to request more than £160 in grant funding from Re:Fuel. Just remember, you have to demonstrate that the grant will really make a difference to your club – so don’t ask for £250 just for some T-Shirts as this will likely be rejected!

The closing date for applications is 11.59pm on 31st May 2021.
Successful applicants will be notified by 25th June 2021.

The application form can be found on the link below. It can be filled out by any senior member of the club, or member of the club that has been given authority by the club management. To access the application form please click on the button below…

If you have any questions about the the Re:Fuel Club Grants then please either drop us a message on social media or send us an email to