Sunday’s Activities

It’s that time of the month again, Re:Fuel is back with it’s second Digital Open Day taking place this Sunday. After the success of April’s event, we thought we’d shake things up a bit ad try out some new activities and speak to some new guests. So here’s a forecast of what to expect on Sunday 17th.

Auction 2.0

To kick off, we’re doing another charity auction; but this time we’re going even bigger. Last month we raised an amazing £1,215, which went to the NHS Charities Together fund to help nurses on the frontline fighting against COVID-19. They were extremely appreciative of the Re:Fuel followers donation, so we thank each and every one of you for your very generous contributions to such an important cause.

However, this month we’re doing things slightly differently. Although the NHS Charities Together is a great charitable cause, we wanted to specifically show our appreciation to our local hospital here in Exeter, The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. But, as we’re all aware, the virus has affected so much more than just our way of life. It’s created economic pressure never seen before, and businesses across our region are gasping to keep their heads above the water.

So, what better way to show our appreciation for our local healthcare heroes than by supporting our local business heroes at the same time. Confused? click here and we’ll explain….

Community Guest

After having some awesome guests in April, we only have the time for the one guest this month. So we thought we’d use the time to put a face to a familiar name you would have seen over the last few weeks in various blog postings. You’ll have to tune in on Sunday to see who it is, but we couldn’t ask for a more die-hard petrolhead to chat too (hint-hint).

Re:Fuel ESports Pilot Event

Finally, we have another first for Re:Fuel. After trying to come up with ways of getting the Re:Fuel Community more involved with our Digital Open Days, Re:Fuel Director George came up with an idea for combining our shared love Motorsports and our goal of hosting more community-focused events. So, on Sunday evening we’ll be sitting down with some of you guys and girls to play some Forza 7, and the event will look soemthing like this.

  • To start off, we’ll do a couple of practice races around Brands Hatch and The Top Gear Test Track in some light, nibble and grippy pocket rockets. 
  • We will then transfer to the Re:Sports Track Day Playlist consisting of 6 different track and vehicle combinations. It could be NASCAR’s at Daytona or F1 Car’s at Spa Francorchamps, who knows what we’ll get up to!
  • To round things off, we’ll do a mini-enduro race event that we’re calling the 40(ish) minutes of Silverstone. The Car Division will be Forza GT and the winner shall receive a Re:Fuel T-Shirt worth £18.  

9 races, 9 different track/vehicles combos, we’re sure it’ll make for some entertaining viewing of a Sunday evening. Re:Fuels own George and Dan will be out on track trying not to make fools of themselves, so if you want to take part and try and make them look like buffoons, there are only a few tickets left so click here to get yours before they run out!

The event will also be streamed live on Twitch so if you’d prefer to just sit back and watch the events unfold, you can do so by clicking here and giving us a follow; if you’d be so kind 😉

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with, and if you’ve submitted a picture of your vehicle to feature in this month’s YouTube live stream, be sure to hang around until the end to see your vehicles feature.