It’s a Wrap

I’m sure many of us are familiar with the term wrapping: the art of changing a car’s colour without the need of a permanent re-spray. We’ve seen videos by the likes of Yiannimize taking a relatively mundane vehicle and turning into a head-turner. But what some of you may not know is, we have our very own dedicated wrap company located right in Devon’s capital. So, to kick off our new Re:Fuel Mythbusters Series, we thought we’d ask Corey, Founder of Wrap Capital, to debunk the common myths that surround his vinyl-covered world.

So Corey……

What is car “wrapping”? 

Car wrapping is a process where you cover a vehicle’s paintwork in a vinyl film for either styling and/or protection. 

Is it true that not all cars can be wrapped?

Not quite. As long as a vehicle has good solid paintwork, it can be wrapped. It is true, however, that you can’t wrap bare plastic trims and panels. 

Why wrap your car when you can get it painted?

Wrapping is a more cost-effective solution to styling your vehicle and, when done correctly, can give the illusion that the car has been painted. Wrapping also doesn’t devalue your vehicle, which sometimes a repaint in a different colour can. 

Can wrapping damage the underlying paint work?

Vinyl itself doesn’t damage paintwork, it protects. The only time you will encounter problems is if you’ve had a repair that hasn’t been carried out correctly, or weak paintwork… then upon removing the vinyl later down the line, there’s a chance your paintwork can peel. Again, this is only if your paint is weak or has poor repairs. Even then, it doesn’t always happen. 

What’s the hardest car to wrap? 

The more complex the panel, the longer it takes to wrap and the more planning it requires in order for the wrap to appear seamless. Curvy vehicles and generally more difficult than boxy vehicles, but complex bumpers are the most time consuming part of a vehicle to wrap. 

How much does it cost? 

Prices can range widely depending on the vehicle and colour choice. For example, a VW Golf would start from £1300+vat. But the flexibility of the wrapping process means you can go crazy with designs, colours etc – highlighted in the image above!

How long have you been wrapping, Corey? 

Wrap Capital has been open for nearly 4 years. Personally, I’ve been wrapping for almost 5, with my two colleagues wrapping for 3 & 4 years. 

What made you want to start Wrap Capital?

I have an extensive background in the vehicle customising industry, and used to be a vehicle repaint/custom body & painter. I saw the market transition and the technology of wraps become more advanced, to the point where they started lasting a long time, and have great finishes. Wrapping has all the satisfactions (perhaps more!) of repainting a vehicle, but with minimal prep work. Win win!

What do you drive? 

I drive a 2018 RS3 which will be used as our next demo vehicle, we’re going big so keep an eye out for that!

Where can I find you?

You can find us in Exeter, adjacent to Marsh Barton. A quick search in google maps and we’ll pop right up!

Thanks Corey, feel free to check out Wrap Capital as they’ve done some pretty awesome stuff. Keep an eye out next week for the second installment of the Re:Fuel Mythbusters Series!