Where we call home

Froginwell Vineyard rear view

We are now hosted by the fantastic Mansell Raceway.
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We’ve mentioned it several times already and we make no secret of it still… we’re looking for a permanent premises to purchase for Re:Fuel to live at. Meanwhile, the beautiful Froginwell Vineyard continues to be our home.

When we approached Kate, the owner of Froginwell, and asked if we could lease the venue for Re:Fuel, there was barely a hesitation. Kate embraced the idea and even attended our launch day with her entire family. She must have been happy with us, because she’s invited us back again – see you all on 29th Sept!

A unique and charming venue

Froginwell tug-of-war

When not hosting Re:Fuel, Froginwell is best known as an incredibly popular events venue that hosts weddings, corporate functions and is available for private hire too. It has fast become one of Devon’s most unique and charming venues, situated in 20 acres of rolling East Devon countryside and we’re lucky to call it our home.

Perfectly placed overlooking a gentle slope of an acre of vineyard, their Cider Barn provides a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere that allows their guests to unwind and soak up the tranquillity and space.

frogginwell love

All weekend, every weekend

However, as you’ve all shown such incredible support for Re:Fuel, we REALLY want to be open all weekend, every weekend. Now of course we don’t expect you to turn up every single day (unless you really want to that is!) but we want that option to be there for Southwest petrolheads and enthusiasts to come and grab a coffee and get their fix of automotive heaven whenever they want to.

So Froginwell is an incredible venue right – so why can’t we stay there and open on Saturday as well? Well, firstly, Froginwell regularly hosts weddings on a Saturday – and as much as we love a good knees-up, we don’t think Froginwell’s wedding guests would appreciate Re:Fuel crashing the party!

How you can help

Well we need to find a pub, cafe or restaurant for sale, ideally within 30 mins or so of Exeter – and with enough land to create the large area of hard-standing for Re:Fuel’s visitors. A minimum of around 4 acres would be ideal, but we’d consider anything over 2 acres, with the potential to expand at a later date. We also want somewhere that you can come inside; we want to give you a great place to eat, drink and be merry… the latter is only if you’re a passenger!

So, when you’re soaking up the Devon countryside behind the wheel (or behind your keyboard at home!), please do keep your eyes peeled for somewhere that we can all call home. If you do spot somewhere or if you can help us in any way, please contact us here or email info@re-fuel.club with any potential country pubs, large cafes, etc. that are for sale… thank you to all of the Re:Fuel community and supporters!