Felix’s 5 things to keep you busy in lockdown!

We asked our Marketing Apprentice, Felix, to give us his top 5 ways of keeping busy during this ever-lasting lockdown.

Stuck inside? Nothing to do? In need of getting your automotive fix? Well, Re:Fuel is here to help! We’ve been trying to keep you all entertained as best we can with a variety of new blog posts but, other than the Re:Fuel blog, here’s my list of 5 things you can do to keep yourself busy during isolation.

1. Plan a road trip

For a lot of us petrolheads the first thing on our mind after isolation will be to get our cars out and go for a drive. So why not make it worth the wait and take the time to plan yourself the best road trip possible? Whether it’s a blast across Dartmoor or cruising up to the Lake District, both are just as important to make a plan. You want to account for multiple factors, such as the route you’re going to take, road conditions, traffic levels and (of course) whether there are any good pubs or restaurants to stop at along the way for some grub! Our friends over at Petrolheads Welcome have a great bank of car-friendly destinations/pit-stops you can visit; so feel free to check them out at www.petrolheadswelcome.com

2. Work on your car

Possibly the most obvious option on this list – use the spare time to work on your car. Now’s the perfect time to break out the spanners and do that one job which has been eluding you for so long. Whether the job is a simple or complex one, it’s not just about being productive, working on your car can be a great way to keep your brain active too! 

Image Credit: Sprout Video

3. Improve your sim racing skills

With track days seeming something of the distant past, don’t lose your competitive edge. Keep it alive by driving your favourite tracks virtually on a variety of racing games. With many different options out there such as Forza, Gran Turismo, Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, Need for Speed and, if you fancy a challenge, iRacing. There’s bound to be one that gets your racing juices flowing. So whether you like playing against others online or on single player, master your virtual racing skills and get winning!

We’ll be sitting down to play some Forza Motorsport 7 next Sunday as part of our Digital Open Day activities, so keep an eye on our website to see how you can get involved.

4. Wash & detail your car

Even if you’re unable to take your car out for a drive there’s nothing to say you can’t make it glisten with a bit of elbow grease! With the recent run of good weather we’ve been having, now’s the perfect time to pull your car out for a clean. A full interior and exterior detail can really transform a car and, dare I say, be quite therapeutic. Whilst you’re in car detailing mode, we’re currently trying to find out more about people’s detailing habits and favourite brands, etc – so we’re about to launch a survey where every person that submits a response is entered into a random draw to win a Re:Fuel T-Shirt! Get your response in now, before we officially launch it to be in with a chance of winning…. www.re-fuel.co.uk/detailing-survey

5. Dream car garage game

Finally, we’ve got a minigame for you! We all have that dream car garage if money was no object. However, what if you had to build that dream garage on a set of budgets? Well we want you to create your dream 3 car garage from cars which can be found for sale right now! Three cars, three budgets. 

  • Budget Number 1: A first car for £500
  • Budget Number 2: A good allrounder for £5,000 
  • Budget Number 3: A weekend rocket for £50,000 

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