Darren and his ’57 Chevrolet 3100

Sometimes you get vehicles that transgress preferences and individual tastes. Vehicles that are so different and cool they appeal to almost everyone. Today on Re:Fueler’s Rides we have an American Pickup Truck that possesses the previously mentioned powers, and then some!

Hi everyone, I’m Darren.

Well where to start. About 20 (ish) years back a mate of mine had an awesome old American truck, and I thought to myself “one day I might get one when the time was right”. Well it turns out that time was now! I was doing the sensible thing and getting the wife a new Range Rover Sport; did the deal on a Friday over the phone then that night, this old girl come up for sale. I sat there thinking it was perfect: a one year only model, big window 57 Chevy with single head lights. I knew this was a real find and I had to have it.

Phoned the chap up and next day and drove down to hand over a big old bag of cash! I didn’t even test drive it but I knew it was coming home no matter what.

It’s got new everything underneath and although the original paint isn’t for everyone, it’s only original once right! I love it and drive it whenever I can.

Rothfink are using it for advertising right now as well as some other brands which have used it for various photo shoots; like clothing companies and model work etc. I’ve had over 400 cars in the past, everything from a Mini to a Lotus Esprit Turbo and I still collect classic cars to this day. I also own a 2 owner Volkswagen Split Screen Camper which was on the front cover of Camper & Bus in December 2019. I’ve also got a tin top MK1 Golf GTi which is one of the last TSR built cars with a 2.1 cc engine putting out 220 bhp.

I’m just into anything different really. I love my chopper bikes as well as the family T5.1 and T4 motorhome. End of the day these are my rolling pension pots that we, as a family, can enjoy in the here and now and use them to create everlasting memories.

My advice to anyone looking at buying a truck like mine is, like with any classic car or bike, always do your homework. The more you know about the story of the car the better you will understand it, and in most cases it’ll make the vehicle more desirable/sellable when it’s time comes to move it on.

Anyway, if you see me at Re:Fuel please feel free to take all the pictures or videos you want. I’ve been coming to Re:Fuel for a while and I’m always staggered by the variety of vehicles on show. From supercars to proper old classics you’re kinda spoilt for choice.

I love this truck and I’m always happy to talk to anyone about it, or any of my other toys for that matter!

Car Facts

Make: 57 Chevrolet 3100

Model: 3100 big window one year only model 


Engine: 6ltr


Top Speed: unknown

0-62mph Time: unknown

Weight: unknown

Additional Mods: This was a Gasmonky build car so every nut and bolt is new. Front and rear clip full chassy lift, full 4 way air ride, American racing wheels, upgraded brakes, power steering, power brakes and all original patina paint.