Andrew and his Aston Martin DB6

Today on Re:Fuelers Rides, We have Andrew and his Aston Martin DB6. Regarded as one of the best-kept examples of its type, this car is a result of childhood ambition, hard work and a life long passion of all things Aston Martin.

I bought my first classic car in August 2000 – an Aston Martin DB6.

I’d wanted a DB6 since being a youngster in the 1960s. No doubt the Bond thing influenced me somewhat as I was amongst the generation who received a Corgi Bond DB5 at Christmas in 1965.

You get to the age of around 7 when you become fully conscious of car brands, models, etc. So, in 1968 the current model of Aston Martin was the DB6. I would waste(?) time at school drawing them in my exercise books… the front grille, the side strakes and a no-doubt exaggerated Kamm tail. I once saw a real one parked outside a local cinema near where I lived in Manchester. Astons were very rare in those days and that one became the playground topic for a long time afterwards. Ever since then, it has been the car of my dreams.

Thirty years later and a lot of saving up, I took the plunge and bought one.

I’d handed over the cash – yes, the seller didn’t trust banks and so he wanted cash! – before I got to drive my first ever Aston. I’d joined the Aston Martin Owners Club some months before in order to learn more about the potential pitfalls of ownership. Consequently, I met the seller, saw the car and had access to a local expert to help me test it before agreeing on a price. The ‘test’ was a drive around the local roads whilst my expert looked and listened for bad signs as my wife and I sat in the back, me thinking “am I dreaming this?” 

Since then we’ve covered over 60,000 miles including trips to Monaco, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Sainsburys.

The car has won a few awards from the AMOC, including the John Wyer Trophy in 2018 – the Club’s highest award for the ‘best kept post-War car’.

In 2005 we were part of a parade of Aston Martins in front of HM The Queen and Prince Philip inside the grounds of Windsor Castle. Not your everyday classic car event!

HM The Queen, Prince Philip and the then Chairman of the Aston Martin Owners Cub

I didn’t realise that buying a DB6 would open the door to such invitations and so many experiences, new friends and lifestyle opportunities, indeed the whole petrolhead and classic car world. If you’re in any doubt about buying your dream car, take the plunge! Even if, ultimately, it’s not for you, at least you won’t die wondering “what if…?”

Car Facts

Make: Aston Martin

Model: DB6

Year: 1969

Engine: 4.0L

BHP: 298

Top Speed: 148 mph

0-62mph Time: <8 seconds

Weight: 1800 kg

Additional Mods: No machine guns, ejector seat, etc. but it does have factory-fitted front seat belts and a heated rear screen.