1886, by Re:Fuel

Are you a die-hard “rather sleep in my car than buy a house” petrolhead? If so, then we’re taking things to the next level for you. This year we’ll be launching “1886”.

What is 1886?

Named after the year of the first patent for a “car” by Karl Benz, 1886 is an initiative by Re:Fuel that gives you the chance to join us for special trips and tours – all organised by our team. The idea is that we can use our vast array of contacts in the automotive industry to get our community access to the most sought-after factory tours, venues and road-trips – the stuff of a petrolhead’s dream.

Do I have to get involved in 1886 to visit Re:Fuel?

Absolutely not! Re:Fuel is open to everyone, and always will be. If you’re a petrolhead, you’re welcome. So don’t worry, this isn’t a “membership” to Re:Fuel and you won’t need to be interested or involved in our 1886 initiative to come along to our Open Days.

What do I have to do to get involved?

If you’d be interested in 1886 then please register your interest below. There’s no obligation or commitment at this stage; it’s just to say you might be interested.

Register your interest

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