The People: Ollie

What is your role at Re:Fuel?

I’ve joined as the Official Videographer at Re:Fuel. I’ll be working with the team to grow and promote our YouTube channel to create engaging and exciting content. This will mean working with the incredible Southwest automotive community that makes Re:Fuel so special – so if you see me at Re:Fuel and you’ve got something you’d like me to capture then give me a wave or stop to say hi!

How did you get involved with Re:Fuel? 

After seeing Re:Fuel adverts on Facebook with some stunning cars, I knew I needed to come and get some photos and videos. After attending the first couple of meets, I published a short cinematic video to the Re:Fuel community page which caught the eye of Dan Regan – one of the Re:Fuel founders. We got talking about Re:Fuel and the media side from which we agreed to have a trial run with me being part of the Re:Fuel team. This came in the form of the September 13th photoshoot at Winslade Manor. Here I created a 5-minute cinematic video of all the vehicles there and some behind the scenes shots of Elliot Tratt working his magic with still shots of the vehicles. 

The Monday after, me and Dan met up to discuss my role within Re:Fuel as the Official Videographer and promoting the YouTube Channel. I’m super excited to see where we will go in the future!

What’s your favourite thing about Re:Fuel?

Within Re:Fuel there is a great community filled with enthusiasts and beginners, but the one thing that brings everyone together is the cars. So the huge array of cars have to be my favourite thing about Re:Fuel.

What were you doing before Re:Fuel?

Before Re:Fuel I was in school looking to start revising for my GCSEs… which never happened – I’m not complaining! I was also taking part in the 2019 British Karting Championships in Junior Rotax.

Tell us about your home life!

I live in the middle of Dartmoor, perfect for our one dog, four cats and three goats! My younger sister rides horses, my older sister marshals for karting events. 

What do you do when you’re not working?

When not at college, I’ll either be filming, editing, mountain biking or kart racing. Either one is awesome!

What kart do you drive?

A 2018 OTK Exprit racing kart with a 125cc 2 stroke Rotax engine. 

What is your favourite drive? 

I’ll go for a race track as I’ve not legally driven on the roads before Glan Y Gors in Wales is a stunning race track, surrounded by mountains and super fast flowing corners, it’s personally my favourite track.

If you could go anywhere where would it be? 

I’d love to visit Alaska at some point.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I have a small business in which I’ve been building and selling custom built computers since I was 14.

Why Exeter? 

The course on offer at Exeter college had to many opportunities to turn down, even if it does take over an hour every morning to get to!

What are you working on right now? 

I’m currently working on a level 3 diploma in film and TV at Exeter College. Oh, and some awesome content for the Re:Fuel YouTube channel of course!